The Story

Tyler’s Pumpkin Patch is a story of childhood innocence. 

It is a simple yet spellbinding story that will capture the magic and wonder of your child’s imagination, encouraging them to dream and to always believe in their dreams. 

As we travel on our journey through life, we tend to forget how to use our imagination... but with Tyler’s Pumpkin Patch, you're invited to use yours again with your child. 

Tyler has a dream, a big dream. He is also a determined boy with an abundance of faith in his dream. 

There is nothing quite as inspiring as a child brimming with motivation and endless energy. Let yourself relive the emotions of childhood through your child’s eyes as they are enchanted by Tyler’s dream; allow yourself to feel that you are truly capable of doing anything. 

Childhood has changed through the years... Tyler’s Pumpkin Patch whisks the reader along the sidewalk of days gone by. A time before technology took a child’s interest as much. A time when the pure wonder of simply being a kid was the most important thing. 

Life should be an adventure when you are young... 

As you read Tyler’s Pumpkin Patch allow the words and bright illustrations to weave their bewitching spell upon you as much as your child, remember how to dream... and be inspired never to stop.

© 2015 Tyler's Pumpkin Patch