The Real Story

Meet Tyler, the author's younger brother. His real life story inspired this book to be written. That's right, Tyler really had a pumpkin patch grow in his backyard!


When Tyler was about 4 years old and Gene 7, they both carved pumpkins on their back porch. They had a blast seeing who could create the scariest looking jack-o-lantern. Tyler enjoyed handling the slimy inner pumpkin pulp and seeds as well as throwing them at his older brother as he concentrated on carving his masterpiece. During the fun, several of the seeds that Tyler threw at his brother must have fallen off the porch and into the damp muddy grass.


A whole year past when one beautiful fall day Tyler and Gene noticed something budding with green leafy vines in their yard. Within a few weeks they had 3-4 little pumpkins growing. Tyler could not have been more proud of his pumpkin patch. Gene being the nice older brother that he was allowed Tyler to bask in the spotlight ;). The look on Tyler's face in the picture explains it all. He was so proud of what he had accomplished.

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